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It’s Not the Thought That Counts, It’s the Email

Happy day smiles!

I didn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed or miss my bus or experience any of the normal signs that herald that the morning was going to be rough. Instead, things just steadily fell apart after I arrived at work. Countless occupational hazards awaited me as I ricocheted my way from one challenge to another like a marble in a pinball machine. I tried to smile, remain calm and work professionally, while inside I could feel the frustration grow. I tried to remember the stress management techniques I had taught others in a seminar not too long ago.

• Be aware of your breathing. When we are stressed, our breathing tends to become shallow. I took time to pause and breathe deeply.

• Ask for or accept help from others. I called IT for help with the computers. After all, they’re the experts.

After doing battle with uncooperative computers, looming deadlines and the inability to achieve bilocation, I returned to my office and slumped in my chair. My stomach growled reminding me that I hadn’t had breakfast as I clicked into my inbox to check emails. No longer hiding the frustration I felt, I grumbled out loud, “Rotten day. Rotten, rotten, rotten day. What a rotten day!”

My eyes landed on a new email from my daughter and I just had to laugh.

Subject: Happy day!
This from a person who never gives her emails a subject. Ironic? Coincidence? No way. This was God’s way of reminding me of the many lessons He could teach me at that moment. Lessons such as how blessed I am to be alive. How thankful I should be that my daughter is safe and happy. How unstressed and peaceful I should feel because He’s always close. And oh, by the way, have a happy day. Love, God.

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