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The Weatherman Tried to Warn You, But You Didn’t Read the Forecast

Today is World Environment Day. Of course, I’m interested in doing my part to make my corner of the world cleaner. Reduce my carbon footprint and all that. What can the average person do to join the fight for the Earth’s health? At least I could start with the laundry. Wash in cold water, use the clothes line instead of the energy-draining dryer. Just one potential obstacle—the ominous cloud cover that threatened to shed laundry-drenching rain at any minute. With hope, I wait. It’s not too late for the day to make an about face, clear up and help me save the planet. Wouldn’t want to let Don Cheadle down, would I (http://www.unep.org/wed/challenge/)?

Two chores later the sky had brightened, and fluffy, white clouds floated by, pushed by the kind of breeze made for laundry. When a Hollywood director wants to cast a breeze that will allow Tide’s bright, white tee shirts and sheets to billow on a clothesline stretched between two trees, someone calls for the breeze I was feeling. Encouraged by this turn of events, I loaded up my green laundry basket with fresh, wet sheets and towels—the kind of pieces made to be dried outside—and almost cheerfully carried out the chore of the hour. In a couple of hours, I would have fresh, dry sheets and towels. Watch out for my cape, everyone, I’m saving the planet.

I should have recognized the sign when my dog abruptly came into the house from the porch, his favorite sunning spot. I should have noticed the familiar smell of falling rain or the sound of drops hitting the railing. Nope, didn’t notice until it far too late to rescue the laundry from the clothes line. I just watched helplessly as the day grew increasingly more overcast, almost angrily black. I should be the one who’s angry. The weather just wiped out a whole day of planet saving. Did Lex Luthor ever steal Superman’s thunder like this?

Let this be a lesson: next time plant a tree and check the forecast.

  1. July 8, 2011 at 8:04 am

    greetings by
    rabbit suit, hanging down...

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