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I Miss You, Man

Hooray for Hubby. He rises early and walks for exercise six days a week. His morning walking ritual, however, is causing our pet friend considerable consternation. After walking The Dog (a blond dog with a happy face), who smells every bush, rock, dog butt and poop pile that he passes, Hubby returns home to secure The Dog safely in the house before heading out on a real walk, a power walk (minus the rapid arm movement).

Unable to understand or accept being dumped at home, The Dog rebels. He has two particular ways of rebelling. The first involves the canine version of dumpster diving. With a determined “I’ll show him” (in canine language, of course), my normally mild-mannered companion aggressively takes out his aggravation on the trash, littering the floor with decomposing watermelon rinds, used foil with tidbits of baked-on food, shredded paper towel pieces, crumbs and other unsavory items that we never wanted to see again–much less touch.

Then he paces. He checks one door: Is he back yet? He hurries to another door: Is he back yet? Frustrated he settles into one of his favorite spots–and howls, the second, almost sympathy-inducing rebellion. The first time I heard the mournful song of a pet left behind, I didn’t know what it was. It’s eerie, yet melodious. From the shower that morning I caught snippets at a time. A high-pitched yip-yip here and a low groan there. What in the world . . . ? Sopping wet and hastily wrapped in a towel, I followed the sound to the top of the stairs where The Dog was singing his sad song.

My Master’s gone an’ left me.
Who’s gonna feed me now?

Despite his sincere mutt version of Achy, Breaky Heart, when I saw him with his nose pointed toward the ceiling and his doggie lips puckered, I laughed. Insensitive, I know. Embarrassed, he turned sharply, saw me and walked right past me without so much as a “G’morning” and disappeared into one of his other favorite places.

Of course, when Hubby came home The Dog had to answer to the trash mess he left behind in the kitchen, but he was so happy to have Hubby back, he didn’t mind a little scolding.

But tomorrow’s coming.

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