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Life in a Day Project

The original plan seemed simple enough: watch a podcast which I thought I had downloaded a couple of weeks ago. However, I discovered the download did not complete at that time. I still had about 10 minutes left to download. What to do in the meantime? I wanted to watch something while I worked on my task for the moment. Well, there’s always YouTube; I’ll watch videos.

My eyes fell to a video sat on my YouTube homepage. “Just click me”, it beckoned me. This movie recently played in a nearby theater, but I was already committed to an event and was unable to attend the one-day-only showing. Over a year ago, I had been interested in the project, Life in a Day, calling for people from around the world to film their lives on one particular day: July 24, 2010. Now over a year later, I was curious to watch the final documentary intended to be a time capsule of life on a single day.

My highlights:

– Man and son during their morning ritual which includes making an offering to remember their deceased wife and mother.

– The man who faints during the birth of his baby.

– A man with children who live in poverty because he cannot work. “But we are alive. God will not forget us”, he says.

– Goats—don’t their mouths seem to be smiling? Yet, they don’t look like happy animals.

– Beware of the butchered cow.

– Young man spending time with his father. When he gives his father a photograph from his graduation from “uni”, I felt a connection with the pair. I’m expecting a similar treasure from my daughter, according to our conversation this morning. Although, if I had something stuck to my shoe, I hope she would tell me about it, not just film my embarrassment.

– Question: Do you love your husband? Answer: Yes, we have to.

– It is meant for woman to kneel down before a man. To show respect. Complete with demo.

– The joy of celebrations.

– Meet the photographer in Afghanistan who wants the world to see another side of his country.

– The audience gets a glimpse into date a night between an Army wife and her husband meeting by Skype. Beautiful dog, by the way.

– What do you fear? We each other, God, people who don’t know God, divorce, loneliness, never being a mother, and discovering God isn’t real. Death, one woman answers, as she stands over a grave.

– Tragedy at the Love Parade in Duisburg. Disturbing image of attempts to resuscitate a person—and then, resignation.

– Nighttime is also a time for fireworks. Beautiful!

– “Nothing great happened” (Yet, something great happened.)

Like the woman in the final scene of the movie, many people have a deep desire to make their presence known in the world. Not for the sake of celebrity status—although some do—but to leave something behind to let future generations know “I was here”. I think that’s why this project received 80,000 submissions from 192 countries. With the world population about to burst the 7 billion mark, we all want to know we haven’t lived unnoticed. I have faith that we are all noticed. Nothing escapes God’s eyes. Not only did he create us but He also remains with us through every breath we take, every experience, every day. He is watching your life video. We are not ordinary to God; we are all unique and special. Not just for a day either. (The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore. Psalm 121:8 NIV) “God will not forget us.”

So I may have missed the official date last year, but it was interesting to watch the final product. Just a glimpse into what He sees every day.

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