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What I Did For My Christmas Vacation – Day 0

On the eve of my first day of vacation, I have a dilemma. What DO people do on their ‘staycations’? After hearing that I’m on vacation until January, my husband scolded me for not planning to get away for a few days. Well, that sounds lovely and everything, but I’m a lot more frugal. I can’t just jump on a plane because I have a few days off (no matter how much I want to). The question is: will I be bored? Surely, there are ways to entertain oneself when vacationing at home without giving up and resorting to doing chores around the house.

Frankly, this is a new situation for me. As far back as I can remember, my vacation time has been carefully allocated, first to accommodate my daughter’s school breaks, especially those periodic teachers’ professional development days that fall outside the realm of available child care. Later, creative planning was used to cram my birthday, Thanksgiving, a few days for Christmas plus a full vacation into 10 annual vacation days. I never carried over days. Until now. I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but I managed to hoard eight days, which I now have to “use or lose”. Now that I have passed my initial angst about the free-wheeling days ahead of me, I am starting to formulate a plan. Treat it like a real vacation–you know, the kind that involves passports, foreign currency and the travel clinic for pre-travel shots.

Enter imagination. When I wake up tomorow, what if I imagine I am in London rather than here? What would I do? Where would I go? The British Museum would be one mandatory stop. We have museums; I’ll put that on my list. I would check out the shops–especially Harrods. Well, we don’t have Harrods, but it’s Christmas, so I have an excuse to go into the stores. I would have my camera; perhaps I will find some interesting shots in my own backyard.

It’s the eve of the first day of my Christmas vacation. I know exactly what to do. Relax and enjoy the journey.

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