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Day 2 – Bags, Bows and Kwanzaa

When I was a kid the library was one of my favorite places. Its big, heavy doors always swung out wide to welcome me to any adventure I was willing to take when I wandered through its corridors of novels, magazines, newspapers and microfilm (does anyone remember microfilm?). I always felt at home in the library, a place I could lose myself and forget about whatever chaos was happening on the outside. Things are orderly at the library and mostly predictable. I can wander from the computer that replaced the card catalog to the bookshelves then to an empty table to study, use my computer or work on whatever assignment demands my attention.

Lately, however, with the convenience of the internet for research I don’t visit the library nearly as much as in the past. The library is a neglected old friend, I admit. My trip today was not the result of nostalgia or to gather information. I needed a diversion; I missed my bus by one minute. Since the next bus on my route wasn’t for another hour, I went to the library and used the opportunity to look for a particular book I am intereested in. I didn’t find the book, but I did find the Kwanzaa display, complete with the kinara featuring the seven candles respresnting the principles of the Nguzo Saba: unity, self-determination, co-operative economics, creativity, purpose, collective work and responsibility and faith. Bumping up to the Kwanzaa display, reading the articles, enjoying the African artifacts and reflecting again on the guiding principles added focus to Day Two of my vacation at home.

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