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Day 6- Quiet Reflection


Time for reflecting

We don’t have a tradition here of spending the day after Christmas back at the mall to return gifts. Ninety-nine percent of the stores are closed, and most people are just chilling out if they don’t have to work today or spending time with family and friends. It’s Boxing Day, a public holiday. I got a brief glimpse of the gombeys performing in a neighborhood with their colorful costumes and festive dancing–which is a tradition here.

Of one thing I’m particularly proud–tearing myself away from lingering at girl time with old and new friends to stick to my exercise routine. Zumba on Boxing Day? Now that’s a new one for me, but it was worth it. Yeah, me.

After the frenzy of the Christmas build up, it’s a good day for quieter moments. I have some books on my things-to-do-while-on-vacation list, and I plan to find a comfy corner, curl up like a dog on the sofa and lose myself in them, including the new book by a friend, “Sacred Thoughts“. Well, except for the work-related reading I must do; that’s not exactly comfy-sofa reading.

Now, who wants pie?

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