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Day 13 – End of Play

Have a great 2012!

It’s time to gear up for early mornings, pumps, lunch boxes and paperwork. Time to go back to work after being on vacation for 2 weeks. Being a lady of leisure was harder than it looked; I kept finding things to do, errands to run. Some things were fun, like tagging along with a photographer and getting photo tips on shooting at night. Dates with hubby. Long walks with Dog. The errands are not worth mentioning.

After Christmas, it became easier to relax. It rained a lot, which stopped me from doing some of the things on my staycation list like daily posts to this blog (unlikely when I’m actually on vacation). Working off holiday pounds at Zumba class stayed on the list from necessity. Rainy days, however, are good for reading and writing. Curling up on the couch with a book that’s easy to read was just the elixir for a stressed-out brain. Tomorrow I’m taking my brain back to work to wade through emails, tackle endless tasks and start the year on a positive note.

Happy new year!

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