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Commissioner’s House Conspiracy

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I’m starting to think there’s a conspiracy sabotaging my intentions to visit the Commissioner’s House. Every time I have the idea to visit, something happens to mess it up. Located in Dockyard, the Commissioner’s House is a bit of a drive away, and since it’s situated in the very western end of the Island, one has to be going that way on purpose.

While I was on vacation at home in December, I intended to visit the Commissioner’s House. I thought I had nothing else to do, but somehow, I managed to fill my days with other things, other places to go and tasks to be accomplished. Finally, my vacation ended and I was back to work, missing a good opportunity to visit the elusive CH.

While relatives were visiting even more recently, I took time off from work intending to end the day at (you guessed it) the Commissioner’s House. None of us had ever been there and it would have been a nice day out for all of us. I’ll skip the details but it’s safe to say, we never made it. Perhaps I should clarify that statement; I never made it. My husband took the next day off and the trio enjoyed a pleasant visit to the Maritime Museum including the Commissioner’s House. I had to hear all about it when I came home from work.

You’re probably asking, what’s the big deal? In the grand scheme of the world, not much, even I admit. Curiosity. A bit of privilege. There’s a painting, Bermuda’s story in art, by Graham Foster, that I understand from all reports, is well worth the time and gas to view. Mr. Foster’s grand mural spans 500 years of Bermuda history and 1,000 square feet in intricate detail. Something like that has to be seen with one’s own eyes to be fully appreciated. Exhibits in the museum cover history about the settlement of Bermuda, people groups, families and other chunks of information missing from our formal education. You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve come from.

Today’s near miss hurt more than ever. In celebration of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail, entrance into the Maritime Museum was free. Hubby and I decided last night to make the trek today. With a beautiful day surrounding me, I made sure my chores had been completed (mostly) before packing my handbag and grabbing my camera for the long-awaited visit. We had a late start, but I was okay with that because I only wanted—needed—to see one thing, the mural on the staircase. However, by the time we arrived at the front gates of the museum, no further entries were allowed because it was deemed too close to closing time (notice how I skilfully deflect the blame away from my own tardiness?). At the gate, entrance is free, and still no mural for me.

In an effort to salvage the day, we visited Dockyard like a couple of tourists, who were enjoying the day too, by the way. The slide show is a collection of photos from today’s outing. Enjoy!

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