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Leslie Skips East

September 11, 2012 4 comments

Back in the Stone Age when I was a kid, we had snow days. I would wake up and dash to the window to see how much of the white, fluffy stuff had been dumped on my little New England town. The next stop would be to get the official word that my school was closed. Yah! A day off from school. A play day–well, after shoveling. I wasn’t much into building snowmen, but I liked to watch our dog run around in circles in the snow in the backyard. Frankly, I’m still not crazy about being that cold, nor did I like the feeling of snow and ice in my gloves.

Hurricanes, on the other hand, just scare me. They look and sound violent. They remove roofs, erode beaches, uproot trees and leave people without electricity for hours, days or weeks. Not fun.

Hubby and I made all of our preparations then waited. It rained. A lot. About four inches of much-needed rain. Most people plug their drains during a hurricane to prevent leaves and other debris from getting in (just a bit of trivia). We tracked Tropical Storm/Hurricane Leslie on her very slow approach, and as she passed about 118 nautical miles to our east at 50 knots, the cable went out, but we still had electricity so I could not complain. By Sunday evening the threat had passed. I’m so (so, so) grateful. Not much to report here, Jim (Cantore), so enjoy Elbow Beach.

Some people say we “dodged a bullet”. I just like to remind them that prayer moves mountains–and hurricanes.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

September 7, 2012 4 comments

Because we are under threat of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Leslie, I might print this picture to remind myself that calmer days are coming. Each hurricane brings its own set of challenges: pulling out the hurricane box and checking its contents. Is everything up to date? Do we have fresh batteries, water, non-perishable food? Is the cellphone charged? Has all outside furniture been secured? There are checklists and timelines for everything. And after that, wait.

I have done this many times before but I am always cautious. Taking for granted or putting one’s faith in predicting the exact track or strength of a hurricane is foolhardy. I don’t underestimate storms. Nor do I windsurf, sightsee, surf or swim on temporarily closed beaches after an alert has been sounded.

Instead, I thank God that He has kept our little island home safe in the past and I have faith that He will bring us through this storm, too. Forecasts predict we are a few days away from tranquil seas again. Can’t wait!

By the way, this photo was taken on a visit to Ft. Lauderdale earlier this year. Lovely beach, don’t you agree?