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Days 1 and 2 – Jerusalem

Most people blog while they are traveling. For some reason that seems like a lot more work than I want to do while I am on a trip, especially at the end of the day that began at 8 am on a bus and didn’t end until dinner time. When I get to my room, I want to relax, enjoy whatever scenery is outside my window and make sure I am ready for the next day’s adventure.

I’d rather be travelling. . .

Day 2 - en route to Ramada

This year’s adventure brought us to Israel and Jordan for a tour of the Holy Land. News from the Middle East paints a different picture from the one I captured through the lens of my camera. Over these seven days to Christmas I plan to complete my after-travel blog. Since I can’t fully commit to completing this venture, it makes sense that the blog itself begins after the trip.

Landing in Tel Aviv after many weeks of planning and packing with one eye on the news reports about Israel and then an eleven-hour flight deserved a collective sigh of relief from our group. The drive to Jerusalem set the tone for the remainder of the trip, which I would spend craning my neck to see as much as I could with my camera poised for anything that looks picture worthy. That might explain the 1,500 pictures I managed to cram onto my camera’s memory card. Gotta love digital.

Day 2 - overpass (revised) (640x800)

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting up for eleven hours on a plane and trying to sleep in that position? Yet, the excitement of touching ground erased all of that discomfort in a flash. We rode from the airport to Jerusalem and our guide, Mr. Ronen Khayat, explained what we could expect upon settling in at the hotel. Certain Jewish practices will be evident such as:

• One of the elevators will be designated as a Sabbath elevator (Sabbath is observed from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday). It will stop at each floor automatically, eliminating the need to press the button.

• Milk and meat are not served together on the Sabbath. If kosher meat is being served, don’t expect to have milk for tea or coffee.

• Hotel services such as room service would not be available during Sabbath hours.

View from Ramada - Jerusalem

View from Ramada – Jerusalem

Day 2 - sacrifice statue (revised) (531x800)

After checking in and depositing our luggage in the hotel room, hubby and I took a stroll in the surrounding area with one of the other members of our group, all of us armed with cameras. The area was becoming quiet as we crossed the overpass and walked toward the Hebrew University of Jerusalem campus. The temperature dropped as the sun faded away, and by the time we returned to the hotel, my hands were chilled. The street lights cast a warm glow and the Ruppin Bridge, just around the corner from our hotel, looked like a giant, elegant harp. We would have four nights in Jerusalem.

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