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Day 6 – A Day of Beautiful Views

Dec 11

When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator. (Mahatma Gandhi)

Welcome (531x800)

The day started as raw, rainy and windy, and I prayed the weather wouldn’t dampen our plans which included our morning at Caesarea. Even so, I am far more accommodating when I am traveling than when I am in my normal routine. Trying to take pictures while sheltering my camera from the rain could be problematic, but there is always Plan B—eyes and memory—so no complaints from me. My adaptability was richly rewarded; the sun came out enough to have us shedding our outer layers to take in the warmth. The crashing surf against what remains of the breakwater was the only moisture that we felt as we explored the ancient port city built by Herod the Great. The stadium where chariot races took place at Herod’s palace was underwater. The theater was beautiful.

Caesarea theater (800x531)

Today’s post will focus on the beauty to which even my camera lens can’t do justice. Perhaps that is why our eyes were created as such complicated, intricate instruments. How else could we appreciate the colors, textures and subtle shading of the world around us?
Flowers (640x425)
Take the ruins of historical cities like Caesarea, for example. The rugged beauty and the cloudy sky behind the theater only added to its appeal. Besides, I like palaces, even rocky, ruined ones.

Baha'i Temple

Baha’i Temple

The stunning Baha’i Gardens spread before us as a carpet of color. Described as breathtaking, the painstakingly perfect gardens in Haifa indeed could be the most beautiful in the world. The golden-domed shrine gleamed in the distance. The garden is a beautifully designed artistic expression of creativity. It is not stuffed with flowers as one might expect in a garden. The understated design makes it graceful and peaceful to look at. Although our stop there was brief, having the opportunity to visit the garden was a highlight of the day.

at the Baha'i Garden

at the Baha’i Garden

Of course, that’s my opinion while others may have preferred the spectacular overland views at Megiddo.
Megiddo (800x531)

When the world shows its ugly side, I will remember these scenes. That’s one of the benefits of taking the pictures when my memory fades.

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