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Day 7 – A Very Special Sail

Dec 12
DSC_7374 (800x531)

It’s Christmas Eve and from early this morning, the stores have been prepared for the inevitable, frantic, last-minute shoppers. The ones, either because of necessity or strategy, who choose to leave their Christmas shopping to the last hours before the Big Day. The strategists hope to nab deeply discounted items in Christmas Eve sales. Some stores boast 70 percent off or maybe more. Where I live, however, the stores post “20 percent off” across their windows and call themselves amazing. Two different perspectives on what a sale is.

on the Sea of Galilee

on the Sea of Galilee

Here’s a ‘sail’ of another kind. Imagine sailing on the Sea of Galilee, the water as still as glass. In the background, Daniel Carmel sings a variety of Christian worship songs. We can’t help joining in and are encouraged to do so—“Days of Elijah” and “Here I am to Worship” among other song. Images of Peter walking on water flashed through my mind—then stayed there, allowing me to enjoy the moment until I snapped back to reality.

from the Sea of Galilee

from the Sea of Galilee

But that’s only one stop of the day. Another stop brought us to the Tabgha (“Seven Springs,” Heptapegon), which is more recognizable to me as the site of the miracle of the loaves and fish.

DSC_7364-at Mt of Beatitudes (531x800)

We were able to visit the Church of Multiplication, the Mount of Beatitudes and the Banias Springs all in one day.

DSC_7377-Church of Multiplication (531x800)

DSC_7449-Banias Springs long view (800x531)

At the end of the day, we traveled to the Golan Heights, the easternmost point before the border with Syria. There, we met a vendor selling honey and apples and other sweet treats, delivered with a warm smile. You could see it if I hadn’t blurred the picture (wrong focal point—sorry). Apparently, my perfectionist tendencies don’t extend to my meager photographic skill enough to be embarrassed to post this picture. Thank you in advance for not holding it against me.

DSC_7483-Golan Heights sweets seller (800x531)

Tomorrow we visit Nazareth, where Jesus lived before He started His ministry. Although Bethlehem celebrated the birth of Jesus, Nazareth was steeped in the celebration of Christmas. You’ll see.

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