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Day 8 – Christmas in Nazareth

Dec 13

DSC_7604-Merry Christmas (531x800)

Nazareth was steeped in the celebration of Christmas when we arrived. Energy was high. People and cars raced from here to there, just as we do as we prepare for the holiday festivities. Vendors busily organized their stalls for the Christmas Festival.

Storytelling in the square

Storytelling in the square

A crowd of schoolchildren listened attentively to the story being told by “Santa”.

DSC_7608 (531x800)

At a nearby table, children concentrated on creating masterpieces at the crafts table.

Crafty kids

Crafty kids

Older students were more interested in socializing with each other and having their pictures taken by our group as we followed our guide through the narrow, winding streets after visiting the Church of Annunciation.

DSC_7625 (800x531)

Sadly, we would bid adieu to our tour expert, Mr. Ronen Khayat, this afternoon when we arrived at the border to cross into Jordan.

Ronen Khayat - Tour Guide

Ronen Khayat – Tour Guide

Ever since our arrival in Israel on Friday afternoon, Ronen answered a constant battery of questions, herded our group through the streets of Jerusalem and into numerous historical sites smoothly, not to mention kept us on time despite numerous attempts on the group’s part to slip into this shop or that for yet another souvenir. It’s not easy to corral a group of excited, camera-toting, sometimes disobedient strangers, but he conducted his duties gracefully. I appreciated his professionalism, patience, humor and dedication to ensuring that our experience in Israel was enjoyable and fulfilling. So here’s a shameless shout out to our super, efficient tour expert. Thank you for an unforgettable time in Israel that allowed us to open our eyes to the many facets of your country.

One of my favorite quotations is this:
If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion, and avoid the people, you might better stay at home. (James A Michener)

Here’s to being open to travel.

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