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Day 9 – Arriving in Petra

Dec 14

DSC_7884 (800x531)

After a long bus ride, the sun had set by the time we reached Petra. I had hoped we would arrive at our hotel early enough to enjoy the scenery and layout of the Taybet Zaman. This 100-year old property is spread out in the style of a village. Each guest receives a map to help with finding the room and a latch key that looks like a prop from an old movie. When we swung open the door to our room, I thanked our travel agent for upgrading to this hotel.

TZ1 (800x600)
“I love this room!”

three (800x600)
Colorful, rolled pillows decorated the den area. The dressing area outside of the bathroom was charming but functional, plenty of space for our luggage. Too bad we wouldn’t be staying long enough to unpack. A few steps brought us up to the bedroom, splashed with earthy colored rugs, leading to a huge bed. The cozy room resembled a home rather than a hotel room. Compared to the nondescript, impersonal hotel rooms where we usually stay—suitable enough for sleeping but not worth gushing over—this was a treat.

four (800x600)

After dinner, we made our way back to the room with the help of the hotel staff who are always available to direct and assist, to enjoy the few hours we had at the Petra Taybet Zaman. In the morning we would uncover the history of Petra (see you on Saturday night).

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