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Day 10 – Rock City.

Dec 15

Hotel at Petra

Hotel at Petra

When Indiana Jones burst from the Treasury building in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the movie-going public got a glimpse of Petra that captured our imaginations. Ever since then I wondered what it would be like to visit this amazing location. After a cold, early start, we arrived at the entrance of the famous Petra site. Part of the excitement of visiting the second time is seeing the faces on our fellow travelers as they discover the history of this World Heritage site.
DSC_7947 (800x531)

Carriage drivers and horseback riders offered alternatives to the long walk through the Siq. Walking through the rock cavern adds to the anticipation of what lies ahead at the end of the tunnel. The Siq, about a mile long, is a good stroll. Read the plaques along the walk. There is much to learn about the people who inhabited this area on your way. The morning rush was just picking up as we walked. Carriages sped by after passengers had disembarked at the end of the path. They hurried to pick up their next passengers, kicking up dust as they rushed by.

Walking through the Siq

Walking through the Siq

A high-spirited mood filled the air. I just wish tour guides wouldn’t do this: they stop the group, pull them over to the side and direct their attention forward so they have their first glimpse of the famed Treasury. That’s like telling a child what’s in the big birthday present the second before he pops open the top. It’s anticlimactic after all of that walking and anticipation. Better to let each person be surprised when it finally emerges before him.

the Treasury

the Treasury

After listening to our guide’s explanation of the ancient inhabitants and recent population, which was moved from Petra to nearby settlements, our group moved off the main throughway to a rock ledge for a time of worship. With the red Nabataean tombs as background, we sang praise songs, shared testimonies of what this journey has meant to us and prayed, after which our pastor shared from the word of God transporting us to the land of the Biblical Edomites.

What do you see in the rocks?

What do you see in the rocks?

Our time in the Biblical lands was drawing quickly to an end, much too quickly for me. After lunch in Wadi Musa we would travel back to Amman to spend the night complete with a farewell dinner at the Tawaheen Al Hawa Restaurant.

When we spilled out of the bus still buzzing about our day’s events, we had no idea of the dining experience that we would enjoy that evening. Sumptuous décor, fabulous Jordanian food and impeccable service. Just when we thought we couldn’t eat anything more, dessert arrived—fresh apples, oranges and bananas which our servers miraculously transformed into delightfully edible objets d’art.

Somewhere there was a king-sized bed with my name on it, and I was eager to tumble into it.

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