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Day 11 – Homeward Bound

Dec 16

IMG_0150 (640x480)
Last morning in Amman and I am big on wringing out every drop of my journey just to delay the inevitable, as if that were possible. I skipped breakfast in favor of lying in and squeezing a bit more from the hotel room with its fluffy, cloudlike bed. However, when given the opportunity to venture to a mall (mostly to look around, since I don’t like to shop much), I jumped into the private car arranged by the hotel. During the ride, the driver suggested that we go to Amman center to shop; the prices would be less expensive than at the mall.

I like the energy of a city, and the activity on the sidewalks of Amman rivaled any other city. Thinking we were heading to a mall, I left my camera in the hotel room and had to use my phone to snap photos on the drive into the city. Our driver let us out at the King Hussein Mosque which would be our landmark meeting place in a couple of hours.
IMG_0156 (640x480)

After a few last-minute purchases, we entertained ourselves with every little thing we passed: stacks of colorfully wrapped candy, the shop that sold lanterns which hung overhead, seasonings and spices (some of which I even recognized since I couldn’t read the signs), and bright, red fabrics that caught my eye. One store sold sweets made with honey, a container full of tiny balls and other sweets shaped like pecans. When I asked the vendor what they were, he offered one to me. Sticky and crispy on the outside with a soft middle, I could hardly eat the quarter-sized ball of honey because of its sweetness (and I like sweets). After that, I was good for sweets for a while, my taste buds duly shocked.
IMG_0173 (480x640)

Everything drifts into oblivion from there. The short of it is: hotel to Jordan border to cross the King Hussein Bridge. The travel company rep, who looked like Mario Lopez, accompanied us through the formalities and deposited us in the waiting area before bidding us farewell. Cross from Jordan to Israel in a seemingly endless line of checks and screenings. But that’s all dull, dull, dull—time consuming but dull. After supper en route to the Ben Gurion airport, our group soon waved good bye to Israel and boarded the late flight from Tel Aviv.

IMG_0167 (480x640)

Israel is a complicated country. The mixture of people, cultures, beliefs, politics and even the landscape can be a lot to take in. it has many facets, depending on the angle, the impression will be different. Each of us, although we traveled as one group, came back with different impressions. Frankly, I am still processing the experience, never mind organizing the stacks of photos (well, they would be stacks if they were prints).

IMG_0181 (640x480)

Thanks for checking my posts as I unraveled this journey. Was it worth it? Definitely.

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