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The Battle and the War

SingerTalents are a vehicle for God’s grace.

Do no neglect your gift . . . Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress. 1 Timothy 4:14-15

Do you have a special gift, talent or ability? Perhaps you have several talents. God expects us to use the talents He gave us. “Don’t turn way from them with a false sense of modesty. Exercise them. Improve your skills. Whatever your gift may be, use it as a vehicle for God’s grace.”1

I’m no Vera Wang, but I have a sewing machine that, until recently, has been one of my good friends. We have had good times together. My second in my lifetime. The first was a Kenmore that I bought from Sears when I was in my teens, the second–the one I have now–is a Singer. It’s one with just the basic stitch options which have always been sufficient for the projects I work on. The most recent project is a top-and-skirt set to use remnants of fabric that I really like–iridescent maroon taffeta with deeply embroidered butterflies.

Unfortunately, my Singer does not share my enthusiasm. Skipped stitches and bunched-up threads have plagued the project since last week. The project that should have been completed in a day can be found flung across my sewing table. Half-completed blouse pieces await hems. And I’m frustrated.

Shouldn’t a talent be easy?

Improve your skills. Right now, I’m improving my patience. A mile-long walk helped to clear my head and put me in a better frame of mind. After replacing the bobbin and the needle with Singer-brand products, the problem seems to have minimized. Often, the bumps in the road lead to improvement. It’s not over yet though. My Singer may have won the battle today, but I will win the war.

Everyday Grace: Spiritual Refreshment for Women, 2011, by Ellyn Sanna

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