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Glad I Don’t Drink Coffee

Bent in front of a display of large cans of coffee, a female visitor was taking a picture of the sign that advertised an in-store ‘special’. Straightening up she seemed a bit embarrassed when she saw me standing there looking at her with a wry smile (just wanted to use that word). She couldn’t believe that price.

“In New York, the price would be $7,” she told me. Hopefully, she was exaggerating.

Why is it so expensive? she wanted to know.

If I stopped to answer that question every time I saw an overpriced item in a grocery store, boutique, shoe store, or pharmacy, I’d never get my shopping done at all.

Catching herself from griping anymore about my country, she offered this compliment: “But it is so beautiful here.”

Well, you can’t pay these prices and live in an ugly place!

The price of beauty.

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