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Christmas Eve in Our Little City

December 24, 2013 1 comment

It’s Christmas Eve.

The stores are closing after weeks of Christmas-shopping hype and excitement. Weary salesclerks can go home to enjoy the holiday with their families after bagging, wrapping and providing gift boxes to countless holiday shoppers. Closed. The crowds are thinning out. Now is a good time to wander around the city and look at the window displays that creative types worked so hard on, displays that we have been delighted by from the corners of our eyes as we scurried by on our way to cross off the next item on our lists.

2013-12-19 17.38.55

The City is peppered with Christmas trees that twinkle with colorful lights, signs that proclaim “Peace on Earth” and fake snowflakes for those of us who live in areas where it never snows. I don’t mind that at all. The excitement that energizes the city wanes as shoppers stuff their packages into car trunks and onto bus seats. Don’t worry; the excitement will resurface in homes like yours and mine.

2013-12-19 17.43.16

Merry Christmas!